All Natural Beef Meat in Franklin, TN - Premium Bulk Meat

Bulk Orders

USDA Inspected, Custom Cut, Tender Natural Aged Beef


*One Quarter Beef includes approximately:

6 New York Strips
3-4 lbs
6 Rib Eye Steaks
4-5 lbs
3 Packs of Filet Mignon (2 per pack)
2 lbs
3-4 lbs
Flank Steaks
1-1.5 lbs
Flat Iron Steaks
2-4 lbs
Sirloin Tip Roast
3-4.5 lbs
Rump Roast
3-3.5 lbs
Chuck Roasts
9-12 lbs
2 packs of Stew Beef
2-3 lbs
1/2 Brisket
4-5.5 lbs
Soup Bones
2-4 lbs
12 packs of Patties (4 per pack)
14-15 lbs
Remainder in Ground Beef
(1 pound packs)
30-40 lbs
order meat in franklin tn

Depending on the size of the cattle, your order will be approximately 85-95 pounds.

Your beef will be vacuum packed, frozen, and delivered to your door.

$15 delivery fee if more than 25 miles outside of Franklin.

Please enclose a check for $200.00 deposit made payable to Triple L Ranch. Balance is due upon delivery. | 615.799.2823