Naturally Raised Beef in Franklin, TN

Our cattle are raised in the open on natural grass pastures and are never confined in small pens or barns.

Calves are born in the pasture in early spring and early fall with an average birth weight of 85 pounds. They will gain approximately 2.8 pounds per day for 210 days nursing their mothers, eating grass and grass hay at which time they are weaned and weigh an average of 650 pounds. They are then put on free choice feed for 120 days of all natural by-product feed consisting of corn, wheat , soy bean meal, cottonseed hulls, soybean hulls and grass hay gaining about 4 pounds per day.

At no time are they given antibiotics or growth hormones. Growth hormones are not needed as our cattle are naturally bred for faster growth. That is why Triple L Ranch cattle reach processing weight two to four months earlier than commercial cattle.

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